The Deadly Results of Constipation

The Deadly Results of Constipation


It is worth noting that constipation is not only limited to the inability of passing waste products from your body through the bowel. You can have constipation in any part of your body and there are many side effects that are mostly unknown to millions of people.

For example constipation can occur in:

The Arteries which leads to heart attack

The Lymphatic system which leads to various types of cancer

The Lungs which leads pneumonia asthma allergies and TB

The Liver and Kidneys which leads to nausea, kidney stones, gallstones, kidney failure, hepatitis and cirrhosis

In summary, if you suffer from constipation then your body is telling you in loud and clear signals, that your digestive system is not functioning correctly and that your body can not efficiently eliminate waste. In turn, this is affecting other parts of your body. Heed the warning signs because you are on the pathway to serious illness at some point in your life.

The liver is responsible for cleansing and detoxifying our bodies of waste products. If your liver is not functioning as it should, then its ability to act efficiently will be greatly impaired. Toxic waste will then filter throughout your body, causing weight gain, fluid retention and sluggishness throughout other body organs.

Signs that your body is polluted with toxic waste that has not been eliminated include

Excess weight




Aches and pains

Abdominal discomfort

Memory loss

Inability to concentrate

Menstrual problems

Dark circles under your eyes

Burning sensation in your stomach

High blood pressure

Loss of libido


When you choose to live naturally and eat pure foods you will find that you will not suffer from any forms of constipation. Instead you will take on a natural healthy glow that will radiate from every fibre of your body.


Mind Matter Means Pure Eating

You are in control of your own body. You are in control of your own destiny. It is up to you what you choose to do with this vital life saving information. Does it not stand to reason that you would want to change your eating habits and begin pure eating after reading the horrifying facts of just what is happening within our bodies as a direct result of feeding your self with processed, high fat, sugar laden foods?

It is a travesty that millions of people seek so called expert medical advice for ailments such as those mentioned in the preceding paragraphs, only to find that their doctor prescribes a pill to fix their problem. A pill, that is in actual fact adding to the inner pollution of your body. The secret fact that few know is that all of the above ailments can be cured completely by living on pure food.

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